Better than the last

Rain’s newest album is so wonderful in my opinion. It probably could have gone without the last track though Love Song the english version. The original sounds so much better. His english is really good it just doesn’t flow as well in english I guess is what I’m trying to say. I don’t really know. Moving on, One and Hip Song are so awesome.

Hyori’s album was supposed to be out today but she pushed it back another frickin’ week. I haven’t bothered listening to the single she released only because I heard it wasn’t all the good. I will wait and listen to the entire album if ever she releases it.

My job search continues. It’s starting to depress me. I don’t want to be stuck in Rite Aid any longer. Tom has seriously cut my hours. I am starting to worry if they are going to cancel my insurance because of it. I am used to 40 hours a week and now I’m lucky is I get more than 20. I work hard. It’s not like I bum around all day. He hired Chris which I really don’t understand why. If he can’t give his current employees the hours they need then why hire someone else?

I feel so confused right now, slightly frustrated and more than a little happy to be loved all at the same time. I don’t know what to do. I hate not knowing. But in the end I have to say no. There is really no choice to be made.

Hyomin is totally my new favorite member of T-Ara. Sorry Boram. lol


Have fun with that

I’ve decided to share some music with you: Here
Have fun with that.

I’m so frickin pissed at Tonya right now I could start a fight with the next person that I see. She expects me to do everything in the store in a timely manner and watch the stupid register at the same time. I can’t do anything in a timely manner while I have to watch the register. I wish they would put me on the floor and let me do something other than argue with old people over the price of adult diapers. I hate old people. Anyways on Saturday nights we are supposed to take the sale tags off and replace them with new ones that start on Sunday. When me and Bronwen work we get most of it done. When Tonya and Jaron work nothing gets put up. It’s like what the hell were they doing all night? I want a new job.
My coffee is getting cold I should probably stop here.

I ordered some CD’s the other day. I can’t wait until they come in.
Oh yeah and Lee Hyori’s new album is supposed to come out sometime in late January early Feb. I am so excited.

Old people and

I made an old woman cry the other day. Well perhaps I wasn’t exactly the reason for her tears. She started talking about how fast christmas was coming this year. She told me how her husband had been in and out of the hospital during the summer. Her eyes started to tear up and when little old people cry I start to tear up with them. But you all know Jessica doesn’t cry. I might tear up but I won’t cry. I told her I would pray for her and that made it worse. She was trying so hard to keep it in. I’m supposed to be working on strong baby right now but I’m watching tv and typing this instead. I dyed my hair dark again. Anyways I’ll be going now to bug my friend.

BlackOut ripped off GD? Maybe a little…

Underground newcomer duo BlackOut has been the topic amongst netizens for accusations of ‘plagiarism’ of GDragon’s solo album ‘Heartbreaker’.

The duo’s new song ‘Black Out’ contains part of the melody which is similar to part of GDragon’s song ‘Heartbreaker’ which was under fire of criticisms for plagiarism when ‘Heartbreaker’ was first released. That aside, the duo’s new album jacket is also similar to that of GDragon’s solo album ‘Heartbreaker’. And this has caused heated discussion and debate amongst netizens online. Even the album covers are very alike.

The leader Maslo to team BlackOut wrote on his minihompy, “This song is the preview song to BlackOut’s 1st full length album and it has been produced to allow more people to know our name. It is not a song which serves the reason of achieving profit, the full amount we received from this song will be donated to the less fortunate.”

credit: K-Bites

So the beginning it sounds the same but the chorus is quite different. To be honest, I like this chorus better. Now G-D’s fan can go boycott all you want but I think YG is on it already. Whether they’re gonna be blamed for plagiarism or not, you must admit this is some pretty good shit.

You can listen to the song and decide for yourselves HERE


I’m curious how many of you play this game.
I’ve never played it but I saw them doing it on Family Outing some time ago and wanted to give it a shot. The rules seem fairly simple.


First decide who gets to “go first”, usually by rock paper scissors

They’re playing with two thumbs each, so there are five possible combinations.
0, 1, 2, 3, 4

The person attacking first calls one of these five numbers. The attacker and defender raise (or don’t raise) thumb(s) at the same time as the number is called.

If the number of raised thumbs equals the number called, the attacker wins.
If not, the other person gets to attack next.

How to win in the first move(Technical Notes):
Sorry, I’m an economist, so we like to maximise and minimise stuff. So I actually sat down and worked out a strategy for this. The method’s boring but I’ve highlighted the conclusion so you can jump straight to it.
If we take each thumb as a random chance opportunity (i.e. a random variable with a Bernoulli distribution) we can generate the following:
Number called: 0______1______2_______3______4
Permutations:_ 1______4______6_______4______1
Relative prob: 0.0625___0.25__0.375___0.25___0.0625
So technically, if you and the person was behaving randomly, the most likely combination to appear is 2. This is only if the person has not been influenced by previous signals, so my advice would be to go for 2 as the first move.

How not to look stupid:
If you were calling 0, you wouldn’t raise any of your own thumbs, correct?
Same with 1, you wouldn’t raise both thumbs…